Preparing for the Market

Focus on Your Home
We'll discuss everything that can effect the sale of one of your biggest investments:
  • Property location and current market conditions
  • Specific, unique features that set your home apart
  • The condition of your home

While some of these things cannot be controlled (location and market conditions)—other factors can be controlled. A well-maintained, clean, professionally marketed home will increase the chances of getting the perfect buyer.  In this phase, my role is to guide you as you get your home "market-ready".     

Pre-Listing Inspection 

We start “selling” your home before it’s on the market with a detailed pre-listing evaluation and inspection process.  We protect your financial outcome by discovering and strategically disclosing items that may come up during the Buyer’s inspection process.  

Determine Your Home's Value
Market value is dertermined by the value of similar homes in the current real estate market. In order to zone in on an accurate value for your home, one of the first things we'll do is a Comparative Market Analysis Report (CMA). This report will give us specific details on homes similar to yours that are currently offered for sale, pending, have sold, or were listed but expired. It's important to be on-point with pricing so no opportunities are lost and you're getting the best possible return on your investment.         

What's The Next Move? 
It's important to understand what the next move is. It will affect your expectiations involved with the sale of your current home.  For example, if you're retired and have the cash to purchase your next home, you may have more wiggle room as far as timing goes.  If you're like many people, you'll need to sell your current home before you can purchase your next home. 

Market Analysis Request Form

Next Step: Listing & Marketing Your Home